Contact me for a chat about a commission or a particular art work you’ve seen online.

No obligation for either party.

My art works are completely original and unique.

Commissions are made bespoke for you through discussion together of how to achieve exactly what you want.

I work in multiple media and cover most ranges of surface and dimensions.

Contact me for more information and to discuss without obligation

Please see Price Bands below to give a fair idea of costs. However, it will depend somewhat on subject matter and complexity.

Pencil or Charcoal

A4 £50

A3 £100

A2 £150

A1 £200

Pastel or Ink

A4 £50-£100

A3 £100-£200

A2 £200-£300

A1 £300-£500

Watercolour, Mixed Media, Acrylic or Oils; on Handmade Paper, prepared Board, Wood or Canvas.

A4 £100-£300

A3 £200-£400

A2 £300-£500

A1 £500-£700